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Purchase Policy

    1. Registration
      The User shall register an Account with the Site to place an Order and shall be responsible for all use of the User's account and password. Excitix reserves the right to remove, reclaim, or change a username the User selected if Excitix determines in its sole discretion, that such username is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. The User shall submit to Excitix information which is accurate, true and up to date information by informing Excitix of any changes through the relevant sections of the Site.
    2. Formation of a Contract
    3. Price and Payment
      1. Purchase of the Ticket(s) should only be made via Excitix’s Site. Any Ticket(s) purchased from any other source may be unauthorized copies and the Customer(s) may be refused entry to the Event. Ticket sales are subject to availability and acceptance by Excitix.
      2. The number of Ticket(s) that a Customer is permitted to purchase per transaction for the Event is subject to the respective Organiser’s sole discretion and final decision. For clarity, the Customer may refer to the Organiser's event page, if applicable on the number of Ticket(s) permitted to purchase. For the avoidance of doubt, the Customer may make multiple transactions.
      3. Excitix represents on its best endeavour basis that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on this Site are accurate. For avoidance of doubt, in the event there is an error in the price of the Ticket(s) which the Customer has ordered is discovered, the Customer shall be informed via electronic mail of the error in the price and the correct price ("New Price"). The Customer agrees that it shall be the Customer's obligation to ensure the accuracy of the details provided by the Customer and agrees that it shall not be the obligation of Excitix. Upon notification via electronic mail, the Customer shall be given the option to reconfirm the Order at the New Price or to cancel the Order. In the event Excitix there has been no respond from the Customer or the Customer has failed to contact Excitix, within three (3) working days, Excitix shall be entitled to cancel the Customer’s Order and the Customer shall be refunded with the price the Ticket(s) was originally purchased if the cancellation is made prior to the shipment of the Ticket(s).
      4. The Customer agrees that Excitix is under no obligation to fulfill the Order if the price listed on the Site is incorrect even though the Order has been acknowledged by Excitix.
      5. The Customer agrees to provide and allow Excitix to encrypt the Customer’s card data for the purchases made via the Site. Upon receipt of an Order, Excitix shall request for pre-authorisation on the Customer’s card to ensure there are sufficient funds available for the completion of the transaction and the Order shall not be confirmed until the pre-authorisation check has been completed. The Customer’s card shall be debited once Excitix have sent the Order confirmation to the Customer. As cards are subject to validation checks and authorisation, if Excitix does not receive the required authorisation from the card issuer, Excitix shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery. The Customer agrees that by clicking the “order now” button, the Customer has confirmed that the Customer is the legitimate holder of the card and the Customer has sufficient funds or credit facilities to complete the purchase.
      6. All payment can be made through any of Excitix’s payment partners listed on the Site.
      7. In the event that the Customer provides false or incorrect data when making the purchase, the Customer may be barred from attending the Event.
      8. Latecomers may be refused entry to the Event until a suitable break during the Event.
      9. Venue Owner and/or Promoter reserves the right, without refund or compensation to refuse the admission to, and/or reject any person whose conduct is disorderly or unbecoming.
    4. Mistaken Orders The Customer agrees that Excitix has no obligation to contact the Customer and the Customer shall contact Excitix’s customer service provided in the Site in the event the Customer discovers that a mistake with the Order has been made after submitting it to the Site. Excitix agrees and shall rectify the mistake upon the Customer contacting Excitix’s customer service.
    5. Refusal of Order
      1. Excitix shall be entitled, but not obliged to conduct verification checks on any Ticket purchase orders and shall be entitled to rescind the Ticket sale if such verification checks reveal any fraud or other irregularity whereby such determination shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Excitix.
      2. Excitix reserves the right to refuse to process an Order at any time, at its sole discretion notwithstanding the delivery to the Customer the order confirmation.
      3. In the event of Excitix cancels the Customer’s Order despite successful payment, Excitix shall make full refund the payment paid to the Customer.
      4. The Customer agrees that Excitix shall not be liable to the Customer for withdrawing any product from the Site without prior notice to the Customer or for refusing to process or accept an Order notwithstanding the successful sale of the product on Site.
    6. Any complaints regarding the Event shall be directed to and dealt with by the Venue Owner and/or Promoter.
    7. The resale of Ticket(s) is strictly prohibited. Excitix reserves the right to cancel any Tickets that have been found resold.
    8. Complimentary Tickets must not be resold or offered for sale.
    9. No food or beverages is permitted inside the venue unless otherwise stated by organizer.