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About Excitix

Excitix Ticketing is our one-stop solution ticketing company that delivers ticket management systems and infrastructures to organizers and end-users including Trumpet International and other companies. Our services here include online ticketing systems which can accommodate customers from around the world, RSVP, offline sales counters, optional payment gateways, custom ticket choices, entry scanning facilities, report analyses, and dispatch services.

For the year 2019, we successfully handled several ticketing systems including those for the “Westlife The Twenty Tour 2019 “Live” in KUALA LUMPUR” event organized by Trumpet International, as well as the ‘Lo Ta-You Live in Malaysia’ and ‘Bobby Chen Concert Live in KL’ events by SoulNines Production. There’s of course many more coming soon too. We will continue to invest in this ticketing platform and develop innovative products to build fan traffic to company sales channels, increase ticket sales, and continue to build the client base.

Our Ticketing System Covers

Concerts/ Events

Festival/ Carnival


Live Streaming


It Carries The Following Features

Physical and E-ticket

Safe and hassle-free ticket check-in

Live statistic of ticket

Marketing support

Customisation of ticket desgin

Your Success is Our Success

Expert resources & event management guides

Our collection of helpful resources and event planning guides can leverage your event experiences above and beyond! Contact us to explore tips for making the most of our tools, get the ins and outs of industry by practices, and discover new ways to increase ticket sales.

Customer support

Our self-service platform makes it easy to set up and manage events, but that doesn't mean you are on your own! Our dedicated support team is here to field questions about ticket sales, account features, and ticket buyers too.

Detailed reporting and Insights

Our system comes equipped with a set of reporting tools designed to make your financials easier to manage. Schedule regular reports, monitor and forecast ticket sales, and track who's coming to your event, all from one place.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Our integrated payment gateway will provide various types of payment methods for your customer including online bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallet.